1960s Mosrite Gospel guitar

Cobain purchased the guitar in San Francisco in 1990 from Chris Cobb of Real Guitars for $75,000 and often used in his performances with Nirvana. Since Kurt was left handed, it was modified for Kurt with a strap button added to the treble side horn, and the original metal string guide has been flipped to allow it to be strung left handed. According to guitar-maker Earnie Bailey, 'Kurt had only one Gospel, and this is a beyond rare guitar. At the time Kurt died, I was secretly working with Loretta Mosley to build Kurt a lefty Gospel... in some cool color.'

Cobain had painted the very small Mosrite dot markers with white-out to make them more visible in a live setting. The original case bears the words 'NIRVANA' and 'F... Elvis' in white paint which, while painted over with the same white paint, are still visible.

This is one of the most auctioned Kurt's guitars up date. It was sold at auction on April 27, 2004 for $117,500. The second auction ended on April 14, 2006 and was sold for $131,450.

Heritage source: This instrument is unusual in a couple of ways. First, it is one of only two known examples of a Mark V style Mosrite Gospel model. While Kurt owned and smashed many cheaper (usually Univox) copies of Mosrite guitars during his career, this was one of only two actual Mosrites he owned. (The other was damaged and given away.) It was also one of his favorite guitars, which saved it from the usual fate of the instruments he used for live performances.