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Fecal Matter

Fecal Matter was a band formed in late 1985. It was the first band conceived by Kurt. The band consisted of Cobain on guitar and vocals, Dale Crover (Melvins) on bass, and Greg Hokanson on drums.

Heavier Than Heaven

Heavier Than Heaven is the name of a 2002 biography of Kurt. It was written by Charles R. Cross.

Aberdeen welcome sign

In April 4, 2005 on the anniversary of Cobain's April 5, 1994 suicide, the title of one of Nirvana's signature hits, 'Come as You Are' (it was released on Nirvana's groundbreaking 1991 album, 'Nevermind'), was added below the 'Welcome to Aberdeen' sign near the bluff in East Aberdeen.

K Records tattoo

Kurt had the K Records logo tattooed on his forearm. It represents Olympia, Washington,  independent indie label run by Beat Happening's Calvin Johnson.

1960s Mosrite Gospel guitar

Cobain purchased the guitar in San Francisco in 1990 from Chris Cobb of Real Guitars for $75,000 and often used in his performances with Nirvana.


The song "Scentless Apprentice" was inspired by "Perfume" - Patrick Süskind's first novel. It appears on Nirvana's 1993 album In Utero.

Home to home

Throughout his life Kurt lived jumping from home to home, and even under a bridge. Six months after he was born, his parents moved to Aberdeen from Hoquiam, Washington.

Hair colors

Kurt's hair color is known as 'dirty blond' which is a mix of blond and brown hair. He dyed his hair in many colors, including red, black, blue, blond and even green.