K Records tattoo

Kurt had the K Records logo tattooed on his forearm. It represents Olympia, Washington,  independent indie label run by Beat Happening's Calvin Johnson.

The K motto is “exploding the teenage underground into passionate revolt against the corporate ogre since 1982.” The label has been so influential in anti-corporate independent music and underground DIY punk culture, particularly in the Olympia music scene, that it was the subject of a documentary directed by Heather Rose Dominic entitled The Shield Around the K, with a tagline of “Do It Yourself”.

Kurt said it was to 'try and remind me to stay a child.' It is mentioned in the song “Lounge Act,” which was written about Bikini Kill (who were signed to K) co-founder, Tobi Vail - Kurt’s ex. (“I’ll arrest myself / I’ll wear a shield”).

Kurt did the tattoo himself in summer 1991 and Dave Grohl taught him how to do it. 'You can do it with just a regular sewing needle, string, and some Indie ink,' said Grohl on SPIN magazine's interview. 'Wrap the thread around the needle, dip it in the ink, and jab it in.' When Kurt did so, the thread unraveled and he ended up jabbing in the needle and pouring ink all over his arm.